My Camera & I

My Camera and I

I carry my camera on my back everywhere I go …
It rode down the slopes of Mammoth Mountain.
It baked in scorching heat of Badwater.
It sat in mud of the Southeast Asia rice paddies.
It flew over the Alaskan glaciers and Fjords.
It enjoyed some unreal Mono Lake twilights.
It bathed in the Yosemite creeks and streams.
It witnessed some magical sunrises in the Grand Canyon …

Back at home, my camera spends most of its time with me down on a local beach where we feel most comfortable. My camera witnesses what I see. It becomes an extension of my body. It allows me to capture those fleeting moments of solitude that I seek. At times, it allows me to visualize what my naked eyes cannot see… It essentially becomes an extension of my soul. It opens part of my world and invites my viewers to be a part of my journey