New Home!

I decided to move my old blog to my own domain running WordPress 2. 

Although I like the new, Blogger FTP does not support the newer Blogger templates.  Instead of using the old Blogger FTP,  I decided to run my own WordPress installation.  After spending two weekends getting to know WP, I was able to take an existing template, darkpad, and modified it to my liking.  I made a few PHP and CSS changes.  I also migrated most of my Blogger beta posts over using WP's RSS import feature.

I'm still working on this site, but at this point, the site is functional and presentable.  The only issue I know is my Flickr horizontal badge: Firefox's adblock plus extension thinks its a banner ad :(  I also don't have all of my interesting Blogger mods (switchable layout choices, labels as tabs, ajax search) implemented yet, but hopefully will have some done in the future. 

I could write another post about Blogger FTP vs running my own WordPress install, but the fact that I'm using WordPress for this site is enough.  It takes longer to customize a WP blog than a B blog, but having direct access to the WP codes is a real advantage for those who can make a few minor code changes.  There are a few things Blogger v3 does better than WordPress v2, but at this point, WP is good enough. 

So, welcome to my new domain.  Hope you like the new look.