2006 year end thoughts

After The Storm

A few days ago, one of the strongest wind storms in the last ten years caused havoc in the area, knocking down trees and power lines. I left work early because of power outages, went to the beach, and this was what I saw …

I stood on a golden sand surface, beyond the swirling waves knocking on the rocks, I could see golden light glistening on the water surface. On the clear horizon, the sun slowly submerging itself into the sea, casting its warm light on a patchy cloud formation above the rocks. The cloud formation glows in the rich golden sun light … I was lost in the light and the colors …

Storms will come and go, and there isn’t much one can do about them. How we choose to face our storms matters. Had I just focused on the wave patterns around the rocks, I would have lost the rest.

One of my Flickr friends wrote about “Happiness In Suffering“, I have a slightly different perspective: let go of your burden, let go of your suffering, what’s left is happiness.

Wishing everyone find their happiness in 2007.