SF Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge Sunrise
[f22, 0.5s, 17mm, iso 50]

Bay Bridge Night
[ f6.7, 30s, 17mm, iso 50 ]

Was in San Francisco last week for a conference. Since my hotel was within walking distance (~10 blocks) to the Bay Bridge, decided to pack my tripod. It was supposed to rain. Got nothing but clear sky for 2 days. Took a few long exposures of the Bay Bridge at night; then returned the next morning for a sunrise shoot. Uninteresting sky & choppy water. Will try return to this spot for a sunrise shoot with an ND filter and hope for better sky.

Walked around in SF. Took the ferry to Sausalito. Walked in Rodney Lough Wilderness Gallery. Spent over an hour looking at his stunning prints. In Sausalito? Should definitely stop by and drool over his spectacular prints; then walk to the bay and throw camera in the water and never shoot again :) j/k

Was able to squeeze in a 5:30pm dinner reservation at the Slanted Door. A little too noisy, but the food were exceptional. The view of the bay wasn’t too bad either. In SF? Should definitely give them a try.