Dawn Light over Convict Lake

100 Years

Usually during my six hours drive to Mammoth Mountain, I only had one thing in my mind, fresh powder! During my stay, I’d be on the slopes until the the lift chairs stopped running; then I’d get off the mountain, eat and sleep to recuperate to do it again the next day. Last trip was the first time that I took my time to slow down and looked around for locations to photograph other than just Mono Lake. I’m glad that I did.

One of my Flickr contacts suggested that I should listen to Five For Fighting while driving on US395. I do :) I first heard “100 Years” from an episode of Smallville, and the lyrics really struck a cord in me. The song reminds me that life is too short and too precious to let the days go by. In this photo, those fishermen were out fishing at dawn hoping to catch some trouts just as I was out hoping to catch a beautiful alpenglow over Convict Lake …