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Moonrise over Alaka’i Swamp

Kalalau Moonrise  Kauai

After the shadow covered the Kalalau Valley, I picked up my tripods and walked towards the Pihea Trail. This is what I saw … a full moon rising over the Alakai’s Swamp … I just stood there for a moment and took it all in .. .behind me, darkness slowly crept in; in front of me, a golden full moon rose above the clouds as twilight was fading …

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The light is always there …

Poipu Sunrise Kauai

Poipu Sunrise, Kauai

~5:30am local time … I was ankle deep in the water … my running shoes and socks were soaking wet, but I didn’t really care. I stood still and tried not to disturb the water surface. This was one of the reasons why I returned to Kauai: not to escape, not to let go, but to find a place to recharge my spirit and to regain my balance. The light was not only mesmerizing, it revived my soul. It sounds corny, but that was exactly what I needed.

I remembered shooting a sunrise in Mono Lake last winter in freezing temperatures … here in Poipu, I was in tank top and swimming trunks, soaking in all the energy that the early morning sun offered. As the sun rose higher, the shadows behind me gradually disappeared. I’ve seen a few beautiful sunrises, but this was the first that I didn’t see any other tripods near me; only a lone fisherman showed up moment later.

I wasn’t going to post this photo, but decided to post it anyway. It’s my personal dedication for those who can’t seem get out of their darkness: the light is always there, one just has to make oneself available for the light to radiate one’s darkness away. Can’t find the light? let it find you.

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Twilight over Poipu, Kauai

Poipu Spouting Horn Kauai

Spouting Horn, Poipu, Kauai.

Shot this on our first evening on the island. Sorry about posting out of chronological order.

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The Wave, Ke’e Beach – Kauai

Kee Beach, Kauai

This is one of my most favorite shot from our last trip to Kauai. It took two sunset evenings for me to pull off this shot.

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Morning Rain Approaching Hanalei Bay

Morning Rain over Hanalei Bay

Spent two mornings in Hanalei Bay, hoping to catch a good sunrise. Instead, saw storm clouds and rains.

I waited for the light to break through, but didn’t see the spectacular sunrise light and colors that I was hoping for. I ended up sitting on the pier for a couple of hours, chatting with the fishermen while waiting out the rains. They talked about the variety of cloud colors during sunrises and how they love fishing here during the early morning hours. Even in the rain, this place is incredibly moody. Rain clouds on the horizon, clouds hovering over the green mountain, waterfall streaming down the side of the mountain …. What missing was a hot cup of coffee.

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Eloping …

Lydgate Park Kauai

Shot ~20 mins after the previous photo. Same location, Lydgate Park in Wailua, Kauai, big pond this time.

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Sunrise over Lydgate’s Children Pond

Sunrise over Lydgate Park

Second morning on the island, got up at 4:30am and drove from Poipu to Wailua. The hotel receptionist suggested the area near the airport for a sunrise view. Didn’t want to return to the airport, I headed for Lydgate Park. When I saw the two boulder-enclosed ponds, I knew what I wanted to include them in my frame. The question was the small pond or the big pond? Couldn’t get the big pond to fit in my frame.

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Sunset over Kalalau Valley

Sunset over Kalalau Valley

Sunset over Kalalau Valley.

Its difficult to capture the grandness and the beauty of this place. One has to be there in person to appreciate this view. My photo doesn’t do this place justice. Just before sunset, the light fills the green valley with golden color.

I’ve seen many dull photos of this valley taken during the day. IMHO, it would be a waste of time to come up here in the middle of the day. A sunset evening up here is unforgettable. Imagine sitting on the grass up there with a picnic basket for a couple of hours and just get lost in the view …

To see this view, drive up the Waimea Canyon Drive until the end of the road (18 miles). There are a few lookout points along the road, but none better than the last.

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