Kauai Fisherman


I shot this Poipu’s fisherman a few minutes after the previous photo. The clouds moved in and wrapped around the sun in a spectacular ball of light. I took a few shots, then looked around for another subject to add to the composition, found nothing. I was about to put myself in the photo, then I saw this fisherman walked right into my frame.

I saw him earlier back near the trail head, casting his line in the dark. Haft an hour later, he had caught up with me. He kept on casting his line, reeling it back in, walking up the coast and repeating the process. I waited until he got the the “right” spot and started firing after the water surface settled. He reeled his line back in, then walked out of my frame and disappeared. We never spoke; each worked quietly on his own. There was no one else out there but us. I’m glad that he was out there, adding a personal touch to my photo. For a moment, I envied his life on the island, fishing in solitude during a spectacular sunrise.