♥ is just a mirage

creek sunset cloud reflection silhouette photofool

Heart found in the water … in a blink of an eye, sun disappeared, heart faded … clouds and light lingered for a while …

Was on my way to the beach, saw this scene, dropped by bike, setup my tripod, waited for the sun to drop behind the trees, saw that I waited for, took a few shots. Debated whether to stay and shoot these reflections or to head out to the beach and look for them on the wet sand. Normally, the incoming tides and the wind would create movements on the creek’s water surface. This time, except for a few birds dropping in and out, the water was perfectly still. Decided to take the sure thing and stayed. Was hoping that in about fifteen minutes, the sky would turn red … and it did. Will post a couple more photos from this shoot later.

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