My Twilight Zone

creek sunset cloud reflection silhouette photofool

Mosquitoes were buzzing all around me and ants were crawling up my legs; yet I couldn’t move because I was hand holding a GND filter in front of the lens. Didn’t want to ruin the shot, I just stood still for the duration of the exposure. Luckily, I only needed a 10 seconds exposure. After the shot, I jumped around like mad, wiping ants off my legs. Three days later, I still have many red spots on my legs – a small price to pay to get the shot.

For this shot, I wanted to compose it a little differently than how I normally line up clouds and their reflections. Inspired by David Muench, I wanted to include a strong foreground element against a spectacular background. Couldn’t find one, I settled for these small flowers. Aided with a 3 stops hard edge graduate neutral density filter, I was able to capture the highlights on them.

As far as post processing, I didn’t need to apply any special post processing on this one other than my usual steps: level, curve, shadow and highlight adjustments, no HDR, no blending, just a single RAW->TIFF->JPG.

See the previous two photos to see how the light and colors changed in about half an hour. This is my most favorite out of the three shots.

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