The Sight and Sound of Summer

beach seascape surfer sunset santabarbara photofool

… sometimes, one feels so small and insignificant…
Some say "humans don’t see time", I beg to differ.

I’ve been waiting for interesting sky to do some beach shot. Got my wish. The sky eventually turned red at then end of the shoot, but by then I got soaked wet and was too busy wiping the salt water sprays off my gears. Managed to snap a few red sky shots that I might post one later. It was difficult keeping my tripod from moving on the shifting sand as the water rushed in and out. I also don’t like the sun’s blown out highlight, but love the rest of the shot.

For this shot, I used my new Lee 4×6” 3 stops hard edge GND filter to replace my smaller Hightech GND filter. The larger 4×6” filter size works much better for shooting at 17mm on a full frame sensor.