Linda Vega’s Flamenco

lindavega flamenco dance santabarbara photofool

Linda Vega, one of the most well-known dancer, choreographer and dance instructor in the area, graced the stage with her performance for this year’s Fiesta celebration at the County Courthouse Sunken Gardens.

Being a landscape shooter, I am so used to planting down my tripods, waiting for the “right” light, lining up my filter, making various meter readings, and taking multiple shots just to get one. When shooting a live stage performance, I have to learn a new set of skills. The most difficult aspect of shooting these dancers is to anticipate when to fire. There was no second take. I got lucky here and fired just in time. This was shot on manual mode with spot metering on the dancer’s face. I wished they’d put some lights on the stage floor so more light and colors would radiate upwards.

Without a press pass, I had to shoot this event from a distance. There wasn’t much I could do to reduce the background distractions. I wish they’d put a black curtain behind the stage instead of placing those VIPs there on those plastic chairs :( I also only had a small “window” between the two big black speakers on the stage to get a clean shot without other distractions.