Fire Relief

seascape santabarbara sunset surfer photofool

The Zaca wild fire has been pumping so much ashes and smokes in the air for the past few days. Our streets are covered with white ashes. It’s suffocating to be outside and breathe in all the smokes and ashes. The smokes are so bad that my TV satellite signals keep on dropping. Now I know what it’s like to have a volcano goes off and ashes come snowing down.

I saw a break on the horizon this evening and decided to head to the beach, hoping to get some fresh air out there. Apparently, a lot of other folks had the same idea. The air quality was definitely better by the ocean.

This is a candid shot of these two surfers. I was shooting long exposures when I spotted them. I moved closer, bumped ISO from 50 to 400, and opened up my lens to get a fast enough exposure time. After I took a few shots of these two, I knew that I had my shot for the evening. So, I packed up my gears and left early.

Have a wedding to attend this weekend, so I won’t be around much. Hope it won’t be snowing white ashes during the wedding ceremony – wouldn’t want to change my lenses outdoor with all the ashes flying around.