Convict Lake’s October Snow

easternsierra foliage snow convictlake california photofool

For this shot, the right side of the lake was too bright, and the left side was still in the shadow. I took three exposures, one for the trees, one for the sky, and one for the bright mountain side. My intention was to combine them later, but I just don’t have time to do it yet. This was the shot that I exposed for the sky.

Looking back, I regretted that I left Convict Lake too early. I was working on the shadow side of the lake since sunrise but couldn’t get a shot that I feel print worthy. So I packed up my gears and left for June Lake and McGee Creek. Didn’t get anything outstanding there either. I guess I rushed to too many locations during my first day shooting Fall foliage. Snow during the first week of October is rare in California. I should have stayed put and worked the lake for another hour or so.