Day Break on North Lake

easternsierra sunrise northlake california photofool

I arrived at North Lake in complete darkness. After wandering around the area with my flash light, I picked my spot and sat on the edge of the lake, watching the stars and the moon, waiting for first light to reach the mountain peaks.

When sunrise began to illuminate the mountain peaks, I started shooting. After a few frames, I just stopped, folded my arms and stood there for a long time – taking it all in. This was why I came up here. Not only to look for Autumn colors, but to get away from the city and to find myself.

It was all too quiet up there. Everything was in complete stillness. The only sound and movements were from the trouts breaking the water surface one in a while … muted Autumn colors, perfectly still water surface, cold, crisp mountain air, warm morning light gradually moved across the snowy distant peaks … I just got lost in it all …

Although I had hope to see some clouds and vibrant Fall colors from the trees in the distance, this was my most favorite moment of my trip. Later as the light started to fill the valley, the lake woke up. Fishermen and photographers started to show up. I also woke up and resumed shooting.

I’m traveling this weekend, so won’t get a chance to post the next photo until next week.