beach sunset cloud santabarbara california photofool

Spent sometimes on the beach yesterday… low tide … plenty of seaweeds all over the wet sand … took a walk to pick out my spot and proceeded to clear the beach, then sat on the sand and waited for the light to turn … small waves were gently rolling in and out of my view, polishing the sand surface … spectacular reflections – right under my bare feet … Fired off a bunch of shots… Took my eye off the view finder, stood up and looked around to make sure I don’t miss anything else … water, light, clouds and colors were twirling out of control … Closed my eye, took a deep breath, sat back down … through my view finder, everything was crystal clear…

I’ve seen many beautiful sunsets right on this beach, but this one was quite memorable.

PS: After looking at this photo for a while, I decided that I need to get a 2 stops split ND filter. A 3 stops split ND was 1 stop too many for this shot. The sky is a little darker than the ground – a little unnatural.