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Front Row Seat

seascape twilight sky cloud beach reflection santa barbara california photofool

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
— Robert Frost

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Scouting Along The Owens River

owens river eastern sierra california sunset mountain reflection
The Owens River, Eastern Sierra, California

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Site Update – A New Look

I haven’t been able to login to my pro Flickr account for a couple days now. Perhaps after a few days, Flickr support staff will get back to me. They’re just notoriously slow in responding to support requests. Since I can’t post new photos, I spent the weekend updating this site.

I had been wanting to refresh the look of this site for a while, but couldn’t find the time. The last time I did any work on this site was last November. I guess it’s good to change the site’s look and feel once a year.

I wanted to go away from the 2-3 columns templates and to streamline the site a little. I searched for WordPress photoblog templates, but did not like what I found. Some of the photoblog templates I found just don’t work with my current WordPress install, and some are just too boring. I don’t like the plain minimal look, but I also don’t like blog that has too much “stuff” taking all the screen real estate. So I did the following:

  • Installed and modified HemingwayEx theme
  • Added Flickr to the navigation bar (Flickr badge & slide show)
  • Removed the bottom “side” panel
  • Made comment section collapsible/extendable
  • Added dark/light theme chooser (same template, just different CSS)
  • Made a bunch of smaller tweaks (icons, colors, prev/next, etc…)

I also removed the Math comment plugin. Spam bots figured out how to get pass that little challenge, and my Akismet spam count doubled in the last few weeks. I installed a word verification plugin, but decided not to use it. To combat comment spams, Bad Behavior now is my first line of defense, anything gets pass that, Akismet should take care off. Last, all comments are held for moderation. It’s highly unlikely that any spam comment will show up on my posts.

There are still many items left to be done. Here are a few that I’d like to get done sometimes next week:

  1. Add next/prev post to the main page. WP template tag “previous_posts_link/next_posts_link” don’t work on the main page.
  2. Archives/Categories page: not very user friendly. I’d like to have hierarchical listings.
  3. Archive listing: only one entry per page? Quite useless.
  4. Put back the Google AJAX search that I had on the old templates.

I thought about upgrading my WP install, but decided not too. The site is still not 100% functional, but I like what I have now to make the switch. When I get some more time, I’ll continue to update the site. For now, I’ll leave it the way it is. I’d appreciate any feedback on the new changes. Thanks!

[Update Nov 19, 2007]
Worked on the site for a few more hours. Got the following done:

  • Organized monthly archive and categories listing in tree structure.
  • Added Google AJAX search as a collapsible/extendable panel
  • Removed the default WP’s search.
  • Archive listing now shows 15 posts per page.

I’m still not able to get prev/next post to work correctly on the main page – this is quite lame of WP, but I’ll leave it alone for

[Update Nov 28, 2007]
Decided to disable the tree view for the monthly archive and categories listings. The WP-dTree plugin that I’m using has performance problem – the site is noticeably slower with the plugin activated. Will have to upgrade my WP install and use the newer version of the plugin.

[Update Dec 3, 2008]
Migrated my WordPress install from version 2.0.5 to 2.3.1. HemingwayEx theme broke. Google XML Sitemaps plugin broke – newer version works. Replaced the old WP-dTree 2.0 plugin with version 3.3.2. Page load time is still a little slower with the WP-dTree plugin activated. Upgraded Akismet plugin to 2.02. Replaced Google AJAX search with a simpler search. Don’t think I’ll change the site much in the near future except for minor CSS tweaks. Hope nothing else breaks.

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Parallel Universe

beach sunset cloud santabarbara california photofool

Been meaning to post this beach sunset cloud reflection a little sooner, but couldn’t get around to it until now. This was shot about 5 minutes after the previous shot. I felt like I was standing on a huge canvas full of water colors …

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