Heat Waves

seascape twilight beach wave cloud sunset stone rock santabarbara california photofool

Some warmth from Southern California for those enduring the cold winter elsewhere…

We didn’t have to travel during the holidays, so I spent Saturday and Sunday evening on the beach. This was shot on Saturday. It was quite unreal sitting there watching the show through my view finder. Occasionally, I reminded myself to stop shooting and to look around for a few seconds.

I attempted to capture the slow incoming tides a little differently than what I normally shoot. There are some other post-worthy shots, but this one stands out because the tides look like giant ripples. On Saturday, I turned off the camera’s built-in long exposure noise reduction just to see what the image would look like. I’m still kicking myself for leaving it off. I ran some noise reduction filter on this image, but didn’t want to loose too much details. Note to self: leave custom function 02 = 2!

I had a very good outing last Sunday as well. I haven’t had the chance to go through what I shot on Sunday yet. I have to work for the next few days. Hopefully, I’ll get enough time to post one in a couple of days. It’s difficult choosing what to post … but I guess it’s better to have choices than to have none.