Two Surfers Walking Home

seascape beach tidalpool tidepool twilight sunset surfers cloud reflection silhouette santabarbara california photofool

This was shot last Sunday. I saw a big tide pool that was protected from the waves and I knew that I’d get a smooth reflective surface to play with. I setup my tripod just above the water, lined up my GND filter and waited for the sun to disappear. My camera was on F19, 0.5 second, and ISO 50. I fired off a few frames. Then I saw two surfers emerging from the water. From previous shoots, I knew that I needed at least 1/60s exposure time to freeze their movements. I had a few seconds to open my lens to its widest, F4, and to bump my ISO setting to 200 to get 1/60s. I got off a few frames before the two silhouette figures disappeared from my view finder. I took a bunch of good shots from last Sunday, but I like this one best.

I received a few emails asking about tutorials. I don’t feel like writing “howto” articles since there are many of them on the net. I don’t like to “re-blog” contents elsewhere. Perhaps one of these day, I’ll write up something. Meanwhile, here are a few tips to those new to photography and wanting to get better: Practice shooting in manual mode. It’s easier than one might think. Know your camera well. One should be able to change aperture, shuttle speed and ISO without taking the eye off the view finder. As to which settings to use, that comes with a little experience. I highly recommend Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure book.

This is my last post for 2007, so Happy New Year! I’m leaving 2007 behind and looking forwards to 2008.