Storm Companions

seascape beach surf stone rock photofool

If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine. — Morris West

Now that I don’t need to work the late hours, I’m trying to get back to my beach shooting routine. Although gray clouds blanketed the evening sky, I went out to the beach anyway, hoping for a crack on the horizon to get some light through. I missed the beach. It was good to get out there to breathe the salty air and to get my feet wet again. Knowing that I wasn’t going to see a spectacular red sky, I setup these two rocks near the surf line with my tripods in the water, waited for the sun to dip bellow the clouds, and timed the incoming surf with each shot.

With Valentine’s day in mind, I wanted to post a love theme photo without the usual hearts and flowers theme. So here’s my Valentine’s day photo: two companions bracing the incoming storm together while enjoying the sunshine during its brief existence – “I’m your rock, and you’re my rock.” Tomorrow will come and the light will return.