Wash Away

seascape beach surf stone rock photofool

Some men never feel small, but these are the few men who are. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

Sometimes, looking through my view finder, I feel so small and insignificant …

I shot this image almost two weeks before I shot, “Storm Companions“. After looking at this shot, I realized that I needed two bigger stones, stronger surf, and less light on the sky. Thus, I waited until I got what I wanted for “Storm Companions”. For this “Wash Away” shot, I stacked a 0.6 and 0.9 GND filters to darken the sky – 5 stops total. Normally I don’t like to stack filters, but the sun was still too high to use just a single 0.9 GND. The resulting colors were a bit too flat, so I gave this image a steeper S curve. I also darkened the overall image.

The reason you’re seeing another seascape shot instead of a new Eastern Sierra landscape photo because I left all my photo gears at home last weekend. Three days weekend, I drove up to Mammoth Mountain. My plan was to shoot during sunrises and to snowboard during the middle of the days. Five hours into my drive, I stopped to fill up gas in Bishop and realized that I had left my camera bag and tripods at home! Needless to say, I couldn’t stop kicking myself. The day before, I took my tripods apart, rinsed out all the sand and mud, applied teflon lubricant to make sure I can operate my tripods quickly on location, cleaned all my filters and packed my bag neatly … only to leave them all at home! I ended up sleeping in late every morning and then rode my heart out on the slopes for two days. I found good snow off chair 9, so the trip wasn’t a total wash.

I definitely will make another trip this winter to the Eastern Sierra in hope of getting a good sunrise photo. Note to self: check photo gears before leaving town!