seascape beach sunset cloud seashell shell surf santabarbara california photofool

This one was a bit of a challenge to shoot. I was having a massive migraine all day long, so naturally, I just took off for the beach to get some fresh air. When I saw the horizon, I just knew that I’d get a red sky to shoot. I spent the next hour combing the beach, collecting seashells to setup my shots. I know that I can time the incoming surf with a slow enough exposure time to form a giant half-shell shape, and I’ve been wanting to place a real seashell against this surf pattern. All I needed was a spectacular sky to give the shot a visual punch.

Ansel Adams coined the term “previsualization”, and this is what I’ve been practicing: visualizing my shot before it happens. I setup the shells and started to take test shots, waiting for the light to turn. The sea kept on taking the shells back each time the surfs came in and rushed back out. By the time the sky started to turn red, I had lost all of my seashells. Didn’t want to place yet another rock in the frame, I frantically searched the beach for another shell. I found one near by. It wasn’t as bright as I hoped for, but I couldn’t afford to loose the light. I lost my last shell when the last light faded.