Alpenglow on Zion Canyon’s West Temple & Towers of the Virgin

zion canyon sunrise west temple towers of the virgin  altar of sacrifice springdale utah photofool

I’m back from a long road trip. We drove to Vegas, Zion, Page, and Bryce.

It snowed during our first day in Zion Canyon . It was unreal hiking in the park with the snowflakes came tumbling down. I took some moody photos of Zion canyon valley during a snowy morning, but decided to post this one first. This was shot during my second morning in the park. This area is right behind the park’s museum. Here, we see the West Temple, the Towers of the Virgin and the Altar of Sacrifice all glowed in the dawn light. I was hoping for a dramatic sky after a snow day, but got nothing but a pristine blue sky to work with.

My plan to celebrate my birthday was to do a sunrise shoot on the valley floor, then to hike Angel’s Landing, and to finish the day with a sunset shoot. I did all three. The best part was to finish the last half mile of the Angels Landing hike – will write a little more about that hike later. Here’s the first image of a very exhausting day.

I need to catch up with emails and sleep – will get around to posting some more.