Slot Canyon Flames

antelope-canyon slot-canyon arizona

There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures. — James Thurber

This is one of my two most favorite shots from my last trip. Light usually plays a vital role in my photographs. In this shot, the light takes center stage.

This is a blend of two exposures: I exposed one for the light beams(10 seconds), and one for the canyon walls (4 seconds). EXIF info is misleading because I used the 10 seconds exposure as my base and layered the darker exposure on top. I did this to retain the definition of the light beams and yet keep the “sky” from being blown out too much while maintaining a good exposure for the canyon walls. I also changed the white balance to “shade” as I shot this in dark shadows.

This was shot in Upper Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. I was told that the light beams are at their best in the summer months, but I decided to go in March to avoid the crowds and to force myself to look for different compositions than just the light beam hitting the floor.