flower macro b&w natural-light

Flowers with full access to sunlight live longer and healthier than those in the shadows.

We spent last weekend in UCLA medical center visiting Grandpa. He had been responding well to chemotherapy until now. His cancers have spread. His major organs are failing, and the the infection has gotten into his blood stream.

There was no natural light in his room when we came in. I opened the window blinds to let the light in, and watched him slowly come alive. The warm sunlight seemed to lift his spirit. He talked for awhile, telling us how he’s at peace with where he is in life. That made it easier for everyone else. It was a sad weekend, but after a couple months, we’ve come to accept the fact that his days are numbered.

I looked in my archive to find a photo that reflects my mood last weekend, and found this shot.

A flower’s life span seems short as it blooms brilliantly in the sunlight for a few weeks, then withers and disappears – yet its life cycle is perpetual: come next spring, it seeds will bloom again.