Sky Gems

seascape beach sunset twilight santa-barbara california

Sunset over Point Conception – Central Coast, California.

Shot this sunset a few days ago.  It was good to be back on the beach and get my feet wet again.  Now that the sun sets further inland, my chances of seeing spectacular afterglow sky diminish as we’re heading into the California Central Coast’s infamous May-gray June-gloom weather pattern.  I don’t expect to post newer sunsets on a regular basis for the next few months.

While I was taking this shot, I felt like I was watching a movie where an asteroid just detonated upon its earth impact, sending burning rocks flying all over the sky.  Although this image is not as spectacular as my Big Bang shot, and the sky is full of eye-candies, I can’t help thinking – if a huge asteroid were to destroy earth, I’d want to take a front row seat and watch the fireworks instead of bunkering down somewhere underground.

PS: for a scale reference, there is a dot on the right edge of this image, about the middle of the frame … that’s a beach goer watching the sunset.