Summer Solstice Dancer (2008)

solstice dancer b&w santa-barbara california photofool

Shot this year’s Summer Solstice Parade  on Saturday afternoon. It’s always difficult to shoot at high noon. This year, I decided to stop documenting the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice parade with my photos. Instead, I picked out only those “photogenic” moments and attempted to work the light into my shots instead of trying to fight against the harsh noon light. Black and white works well as it removes all the distracting colors and let the viewers focus on the light, the dancer’s shadows and her movements. I shot this with a circular polarize filter at its max, converted the color version to back and white, added a slight touch of diffuse glow, and finally introduced some artificial vignetting to darken the corners.

Here are some “outtakes” from the same dancer. I’ll probably post some more next week.