Rising Tides Falling Clouds (B&W)

beach seascape sky cloud tides motion santa-barbara california photofool

Obviously, this is a black and white version of Rising Tides Falling Clouds. Although this is a straight forward b&w conversion (channel mixer + selective dodge & burn), everything in this b&w version seems so exaggerated to the point that this version has a completely different mood than the color version.

When I shot this, I reached for my 3 stops split ND filter instead of 2 stops because I wanted to keep the sky a touch darker so I can really pop the clouds during my b&w conversion process.

Since I answered emails asking how do I keep my tripods from shifting on the wet sand when attempting this type of shots, I thought I’d share these: I try to minimize the tripods movements during my exposure by keeping my tripods low and by spreading the tripods legs wide. I also try to get a shot off before the sand shifts too much. This implies that I can’t use too long of an exposure time. Finding a good spot to position the tripods is important: large rocks and higher patches of sand are prime locations. I listed a few other things that I learned in my Primed Canvas post. Hope these help.