Big Bang

beach seascape sky cloud  motion santa-barbara california photofool

Shot this cloud explosion last year while waiting for Comet McNaught   to show up. I was going to post this for July 4th, but have been preoccupied with the Gap fire .

Last year, the Zaca fire was bad, but this time, from my drive way, I could see blood orange flames lit up the night sky as ashes came raining down. The sporadic power outages are wrecking havoc on my system’s hardrives. The good news is the the fire fighters are making good progress: about 30% of this fire has been contained.

I found out that the kind folks from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day decided to link to one of my posts, Thor’s Hammer and Temple of Osiris, sending a few thousands unique visitors to my site for the past few days. So, a big “thank you!” Obviously, I can’t redirect the same amount of traffic in return, but in response to APOD: 2008 July 4 – SN 1006 Supernova Remnant , here’s my version of Big Bang – microcosmic style :) For those visitors from APOD, welcome to my site; I hope you’re enjoying my Earth photographs.