The Sentinel

b+w candid beach santa-barbara california photofool

“Every step you take, I’ll be watching you …”

This candid back and white photo is a dedication to those going through difficult times:  Don’t think that you’re struggling alone in the dark and nobody cares – nothing could be further from the truth.  There are people who love and care for you, and they are always there for you.  They will not let you fall.  Your love ones have your back – at all times.  That’s what friends and family are for – they will protect you as best as they can.  Don’t be afraid to face your fear and darkness – you are not alone – and you shouldn’t do this alone.

Back to the photo, I like the juxtaposition between the pair of the smaller pebble and the bigger rock formation vs the two human figures – a little role reversal comparing to the two human silhouettes … or not?  Hard to say who or which is the guardian?  One could argue both ways …