Sky Hand

cloud sky beach sunset santa-barbara california photofool

See a huge hand in the sky? No? Put out your right hand while viewing this image …

I’ve been wanting to pull off this type of images for a while, but held back because I didn’t feel like “manufacturing” images from photoshop, but I decided to give my regular seascape photos a different look. This is a composite of two horizontal images, both shot at 17mm with the same exposure settings.

My 17mm lens on my 5D body can’t produce this super wide angle view with a single frame. By combining two shots, I get about 40% more of the sky in my final image. Needless to say, the final image is fairly big (a combination of two 12.8 mega pixels images). I cropped out about 20% of the final merged image to reduce some edge distractions and merge errors. Since I was in the mode of “manufacturing images”, I also gave the final image a steeper S curve than my normal curve adjustment.

My biggest problem while shooting these was that I just couldn’t keep my filters clean. After a few minutes of shooting, mist and sea sprays coated my filters with layers of salt water particles. These salt water sprays are more visible in direct sunlight. I will have to think about carrying soap and fresh water to rinse my filters :(

This is a 180° view from my ten minutes later shot, Sky Cake.