Egret Landing

egret bird landing reflection creek photofool

I’ve seen a lot of Egret landing images shot at high speed to freeze their motion, so I thought I’d experiment with panning at a slower exposure time. I shot this image in July 2007, but didn’t want to post it back then because I couldn’t get all the bird’s reflection in the water. It’s an out-take, but it adds a little diversity to my photo stream.

On a side note, I need a break from work, so I’m taking the next few days off and head up the mountains to catch some Fall colors. I haven’t been able to shoot anything new lately, so I’m looking forwards to the road trip. Early reports for Fall colors in the Eastern Sierra for this weekend aren’t that promising (early colors & wild fire smokes). Since I already made traveling arrangements last week, I’ll take my chances and just go. Hopefully, I’ll get a good photo to post next week.