Morning Light on Rock Creek Lake

rock-creek-lake; reflection; sunrise; nevada-sierra; high-sierra; eastern-sierra; lake; mountain; rock-creek-canyon; photofool

Reflections on Rock Creek Lake during an Autumn sunrise.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we went on an evening hike in Little Lakes Valley looking for a spot to set my tripods during sunrise, but I took the wrong trail. The next morning, I decided to spend my sunrise hour on Rock Creek Lake instead of rushing through my hike into Little Lakes Valley to find a spot before sunrise.

I sat out on the edge of the lake and waited for the light. Two consecutive sunrises, not a single patch of cloud in the sky. Although I was disappointed not being able to catch colorful sunrise clouds, one thing that I love about being away from the city: pristine blue skies. With my Lee GND filters, I even get deeper blues when I under expose the skies. It’s hard not to love it up here in the high sierra: pure and deep blue sky, crispy and cold morning Autumn air, beautiful soft morning light illuminating the hills, a touch of fall colors in the distance, crystal clear reflections, no noise, no traffic, no other photographer on the lake but myself. This beats the heck out of jousting for tripods positions in the famous national parks. I am sure it won’t be long the crowds get here.

I spent about an hour on the lake, snapping a few good frames, then took off for Little Lakes Valley again. This time, I went on the Morgan pass trail to check out a string of lakes in the valley. I wanted to time my hike to see how long it took to get to the first decent spot to setup my tripods: half an hour. That’s easily doable for my next visit.

I did a black and white version for this image, and although I like the black and white version, I decided to save it for another post after I get through my photos from Lundy Canyon and Bodie. Some of my most favorite photos of the trip are from Bodie, but I won’t get to those until next week.