Forsaken Land

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Storm Clouds Approaching Bodie State Historic Park

A town frozen in time … Once up on a time, Bodie was a gold-mining town with a population of 10,000 people. Now the place is in a state of arrested decay.

Perhaps this is one of my favorite shots from my trip. After we left Lundy Canyon, my plan was to return to Mono Lake for sunset, but when I saw the sky, I changed my mind and drove to Bodie instead. When we arrived, it started to rain, and the light was too flat for my liking. I began to bracket 5 exposures for each shot, thinking I’ll attempt to produce HDR images later. After a while, the light rain stopped, and soft golden horizontal light broke through the storm clouds. I didn’t have to bracket any more. This image came from a single raw file shot without any filter. Under dramatic sky and light, this place is a photographers playground. I ran around shooting everything I found interesting before the light disappeared behind the clouds again. I wanted to stay until sunset, but Mrs Photofool wasn’t too happy about my idea of spending a rainy evening in a ghost town. Although I took a few good shots. I wished that we had stayed a little longer.