With the wind under his kite and the sun at his back …

kiteboarding sunset action sport photofool

After the recent rains, I went out looking for clouds and light, but instead saw a few kite-boarders out in the wind. I decided to ditch my sunset shoot and swapped out my wide angle lens. This was shot at 270mm. The sun was setting to the right of the frame; hence the warm sky tones. I also used “cloudy” white balance during RAW conversion. Here’s another shot of the same kite-boader heading out.

For those who celebrate Lunar New Year, Happy New Year.

PS: This site’s response time has been very slow (at least for me) during the past 24 hours. There must have been changes in the hosted database server as I can access the site fine except when I hit MySQL db. Hopefully, GoDaddy will sort this out for me soon.