The Wall

yosemite granite leidig meadow b&w tree snow photofool

The big granite wall seen in a winter morning from Yosemite’s Leidig Meadow.

After digging myself out of the snow from my previous Upper Yosemite Falls shot, I headed back towards the swinging bridge. Looking at the morning light on the huge granite rock face and seeing a faint line of fog rising at the edge of the Leidig Meadow, I just knew that a black and white image was waiting to be captured.

It’s nearly impossible to come up with an original image from Yosemite since the place has been done to death by countless photographers, but I do try to force myself to look away from the classic locations. All the popular spots I visited that morning were teaming with photographers. In the end, the two images that I like most from my trip are these two black and white images because some of their compositional elements are consistent with most of my other works.