Light Seeker

Black necked Stilt, bird, gold, light, reflection, ripple, silhouette, sunset, texture, water, photofool

It is still color, it is not yet light — Pierre Bonnard

This image of a black necked stilt bird feeding in shallow water might look like a computer rendered digital art, but except for the enhanced back ground colors, everything else is from a single RAW capture. I use “shade” color while balance to get a warmer color tones, change level to boost the black points, and apply a linear S curve to get the rich golden water surface. The rest of the colors come from shooting into the setting sun. I’ve done this a few times with my other bird shots. For this image, it took countless tries to get the reflected light on the inner ripples to match with the bird’s position.

On a personal note, its been a while since my last post. I am so busy that shooting and posting photos on a regular basic now is nearly impossible. There are still a few weeks old emails from my inbox that I haven’t gone through yet :( For those asking how am I doing? I’m good. Thank you. I’m just super busy. My life has different priorities now. Last evening was the first time in weeks that I was able to take my camera out and for a little bird watching in the warm sun. Hopefully, I’ll find the time and the motivation to take my camera out more often.