Cosmic Fire

sunset beach afterglow cloud reflection seascape photofool

This unreal twilight sky and its reflection on the wet sand is a vertorama composite of two horizontal images shot last December. There is a little crescent moon lost in the cloud. I wish I could post the full size 4000×4000 pixels image to show all of its details.

I like to create these wide angle vertorma images because they expand the capabilities of my equipments. Recently, I answered an email from a viewer who wanted to know my opinions on digital post processing. One of my points in my response was to consider vertorama and panorama images: how to produce them using “pure” darkroom techniques? Without a medium format camera and a tilt-shift lens, I am able produce this type of images with my modest 17mm lens thanks to photoshop’s auto merge feature.

If you haven’t attempted to create a vertorama, try it. It will add another dimension to your works. Think panorama done vertically using two horizontal images. Depending on the light, getting consistent exposures for both images might be a little tricky. For this case, it was really simple, I took spot meter reading from the sky away from the brightest area, and lined up my split neutral density filter to match the horizon for each shot.