Upper Yosemite Falls Winter Reflections

yosemite falls waterfall merced river reflection winter photofool

Early winter morning light on Upper Yosemite Falls seen from the Merced River

I shot this Upper Yosemite Falls back in February. My initial plan that morning was to shoot a sunrise at the valley view point, but when I arrived at my intended location, there was about a dozen photographers there. I couldn’t find a decent spot to setup my tripods, so I just packed up my gears and left to find another location. I ended up here on the Merced River by the Swinging Bridge. I stood in the icy water waiting for the light to reach the valley floor, hoping to catch the rising mist, but the clouds rolled in and blocked most of the soft light for the rest of my morning.

As far as post processing on this image, I had to do some dodging to correct the 0.6 split ND filter effect on the top half of the image (too dark). This is one of those images that I think a 1 stop soft edge ND filter would work better than my 2 stops hard edge ND filer.

Here is another view of this spectacular waterfalls seen not too far from where I shot the above image: Upper Yosemite Falls in Winter (BW).