Laurel Mountain Reflections

convict lake laurel mountain eastern sierra nevada sierra sunrise

Laurel Mountain basking in the early morning light – Eastern Sierra, California

My regular viewers might recognize this view from Convict Lake in the California’s Eastern Sierra. If not, perhaps you’ve seen the Nature Valley Granola bar TV commercial where this location was used as a backdrop?

Last week, a good friend told me that the snow on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain were still good. Needing a short break, I packed my gears and headed to the hills.

On Saturday morning, I spent over two hours on the lake, waiting for the light to break through, but it never did. I lay on a large boulder and dozed off for a while … birds chipping in the woods, creek water running in the distance, clouds rolling by slowly … it was easy to sleep out there on the lake side.

On Sunday morning, I missed the sunrise by a good half an hour and only managed to get a few decent shots of the mountain face glowing in the morning light. The water was incredibly still, providing crystal clear reflections. I wished that I had gotten out there sooner.