Mount Gould Sunrise

swiftcurrent glacier many-glacier sunrise usnationalpark cloud moon lake mountain alpenglow  Mount-Gould Gould  landscape Montana photofool

Mt Gould Alpenglow at sunrise on Swiftcurrent Lake – Many Glacier, Montana.

I was experimenting with bulb exposures to exaggerate the cloud movements, but as the beautiful sunrise light lit up the top of the mountain range, I removed two of my GND filters to cut down my exposure time. Knowing that this beautiful alpenglow wouldn’t last long, I hurried a few shots before the intensity of the sunrise light faded. Perhaps this was the best sunrise light that I was lucky enough to catch during my trip.

The previous morning, I got out on the lake shore at 5am and waited for the sunrise alpenglow that never showed up. Two of the Many Glacier hotel employees joined my company. I asked them about their experience with sunrise on this lake. They described how they once saw the three peaks (Mt Gould, Mt Grinnell, Mt Wilbur) became infernal volcanoes spewing out fiery clouds! On this sunrise, I witnessed a glimpse of what the “locals” get to see.

When my new sunrise companions found out that I write computer software for a living. Both of them stared at me for a few seconds, “What are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere in the dark?” I replied, “Once in a while, I love to get a way from the computers, turn off my cellphone and get off ‘the grid’ for a few days to find myself again.” They both nodded in approval. We talked about how beautiful this place is during the summer and how isolated it can be in the brutal winters. Both later offered to take me on a guided hike to hidden place with caves and waterfalls. I was tempted, really tempted, but I politely turned it down. Perhaps next time, I might take up on their offer …