Grinnell Lake

grinnell-lake glacier-lake grinnell-falls glacier-national-park glacier usnationalpark cloud lake mountain Mount-Gould landscape Montana photofool

Aerial view of Grinnell Lake from Grinnell Glacier Trail – Many Glacier, Montana.

After spending the morning hours photographing sunrise on Swiftcurrent Lake, I took off on a scouting hike up the Grinnell Glacier Trail. I normally don’t shoot much during the day time, but I took out my camera and tripod when I saw this mesmerizing view: sun to the left, waterfalls to the right, towering peaks in front, glaciers in the distance, dramatic clouds above, and the spectacular turquoise water of Grinnell Lake below. Although I used a 2 stops soft edge GND filter, the contrast was still too extreme: the mountains were in dark shadows. I needed a digital blend to bring out some details on mountains while retaining some of the sky textures. I also boosted contrast to reduce the distance haze on the left side.

Visiting Glacier NP in the near future? Definitely don’t miss this hike. The glaciers will be gone soon. Curious about the turquoise glacier lake water? Look up glacier flour.

PS: I’m on the road again this weekend – will resume posting more next week. Have a good weekend.