The Backbone of the World

hidden-lake bearhart-mountain logan-pass continental-divide glacier-national-park glacier usnationalpark cloud lake mountain landscape Montana photofool

Hidden Lake and Bearhart Mountain – Logan Pass, Montana

The Blackfoot Indians refer to this part of the Rockies on the continental divide as the “backbone of the world”. I thought it’s a fitting title for this image showing Bearhart Mountain towering above Hidden Lake.

After a morning hike to checkout Grinnell Lake, we went up Logan Pass to see Hidden Lake. The Hidden Lake trail is one of the prettiest walks I’ve done: blooming flowers, running water cascades, imposing mountains… There was even a small ice field for those wanting to get off the trail for a little climb. After spending about an hour up there watching the mountain goats in their natural habitat, we left early. If there were more clouds, I would have stayed until sundown.