Once Upon A Time …

prince-of-wales-hotel waterton-lake sunrise storm sky cloud rain light mountain alberta canana waterton photofool

An alpine chalet on a glacial moraine, The Prince of Wales Hotel – Alberta, Canada

The Prince of Wales Hotel in Alberta offers a stunning view for its visitors: one can look down the length of Waterton Lake surrounded by layers of mountains cradling a lost-in-time paradise. Staying there feels like taking a step back in time. There is no need to go any where but to stay put and enjoy the spectacular view and drink in the romantic ambiance.

If you are ever in Waterton, you own it to yourself to spend at least one night in The Prince of Wales for the experience. If not, be sure to spend at least half a day in this hotel. You won’t regret it. Sure, this place is a tourist trap; it’s expensive; its old (the oldest and largest wooden structure in Alberta); it doesn’t offer any modern amenities; there is not much to do, but in my book, it is one of the best places to relax and enjoy a few drinks.

Back to photography, after I shot Beauty in the Light Before the Storm, I drove down the mountains in the pouring rain. Instead of getting back into a warm bed, I decided to head up the hill to wait out the rain. As the rain subsided, the soft morning light illuminated the hill side, giving the place an ethereal feel. During post processing, I applied a subtle Orton treatment to give the image a painterly look.