Rustic Glory – the remains of an iconic Old West barn

Sunrise light on the Tetons and the Mounton Barn

Sunrise light on the Tetons and the Moulton Barn, Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming, USA

The morning after Oxbow Bend Autumn Moon Companions, I decided to give this famous (a.k.a, over-photographed) Moulton Barn my own interpretation. I haven’t seen too many square format compositions of this iconic barn, so I thought I’d try my own take on this rather cliche’ subject.

I visited this weathered barn standing on a meadow against the stunning backdrop of the Tetons earlier during the day before; then returned before sunrise, setup my tripod and waited patiently for the light. What makes this shot unique for me is the light on the foreground grasses. The soft morning glow on those tall grasses lasted for a couple of minutes – just long enough for me to record six exposures. As with most of my other photographs, I always try to tell a story in my composition. There was no stone in the water for my “classic” composition, so I replaced my usual “stone in the corners” with a few foreground grass blades.