“Morning Has Broken…” on Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend Fall foliage reflection on the Snake River

Oxbow Bend’s aspens basking in Autumn morning light, Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming, USA

Perhaps some my regular readers remember my first Grand Teton post, Pre-dawn Stillness on Oxbow Bend, where I described how I waited on the bank of the Snake River in darkness? This is one of my favorite shots from my last Grand Teton trip. In a span of five days, I saw this grove of aspens turned from light yellow to deep orange. They were on fire in the soft morning light.

I shot this photo two days after my I recorded my previous two Oxbow Bend images. The first morning, I saw a few ducks breaking the pristine glass water surface, but wasn’t in position to get the composition I wanted. I returned to the same location two days later and waited for a duck to swim across my frame.

I hope my viewers who have not visited Grand Teton look at this photo for a while and imagine what it would feel like to be there in person soaking all of this in … and for those who have visited Grand Teton, perhaps next time, linger around a little longer to catch those fleeting moments that can only be experienced only if one allows oneself to feel motion in stillness instead of rushing through the park.