Great White Fang Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise over Mt Morrison - Eastern Sierra, California

Winter sunrise over Mt Morrison – Eastern Sierra, California

This is my first post for 2011 and I am at a loss of words, unsure what to write. Needing a break, I packed my gears and drove up the mountains last weekend. I should have been home with my family, but I didn’t want to sit around to discuss terminal illness and death and dying yet again.

It’s hard to explain how priceless these moments are to me: sitting in solitude waiting for first light to break through a dark and cold winter night. The process of waiting and anticipating for that first light restores my balance and increases my self-awareness of where I am and where I want to be. When those brilliant colors show up, nothing else matters. Even in the freezing temperatures, my heart glows with the sunrise light.

For those struggling to find your balance, I hope you find your own space that allows you to recharge and regain your focus. It does not have to be an exotic location. All one needs is a place to find inspiration in solitude. If you have not found yours, don’t rush, allow it to find you.

About this photo: The composition is not as clean as I would have liked. I found the left edge too distracting; but due to the ice and snow, my tripod location choices were limited. I used a 0.6 hard-edge GND filter and under-exposed by half a stop. I like to under expose my RAW file slightly to boost colors. As for interpretations, here are a few to think about: fire/ice, peaks/valleys, the end/the beginning, genesis, rebirth, reborn …