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PhotoFool.com presents Mike Le’s fine art landscape and nature photography. Mike’s favorite subject matter is twilight seascape.

Short Bio:

I am a software engineer and an aspiring photographer who loves to photograph seascape during the twilight hours. I am a natural light seeker who hopes to illustrate what he sees and feels through his photographs rather than to reproduce photocopies. Instead of frequent well known locations to attempt to capture what countless photographers have captured so perfectly, I opt to concentrate on photographing the local beaches close to my home where I feel most comfortable.

Photo Licensing:

All the content, including all photographs, posted on photofool.com are copyrighted (©) materials.  They may not be reproduced, distributed nor published under any format without the author’s written consent. Please note the following before requesting usage permission on my works:

  • For commercial use (anything sold or used to generate profits), I am not willing to give away my works just for credit.
  • Ask for specific image(s). I always say “No” to ambiguous requests.

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M. Le