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Nice Firefox Greasemonkey Flickr Hacks

There’re many useful Greasemonkey‘s Flickr hacks out there. Here’re a few that I like:

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Lens Tags

Went through most of my Flickr photos and re-tagged them with lens info per Canon DSLR user groups (scroll to the bottom of the group’s front page). I’d rather tag my photos with “1740l” than “Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM“, but the idea is to adopt some kind of standard lens tags so public searches on various lenses would be more useful. Right now, a public search on 1740l tag returns >5K photos vs the longer version returns <2K photos. Hopefully, majority of Canon lens shooters on Flickr will use the "official" lens tags more often. The Nikkor group has their "official Nikkor tags” as well.

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