[1] “Why don’t you show larger image sizes?”

The Internet is a big universe, and there are individuals who have no respect for Intellectual Property (IP) rights. I’ve had a few unpleasant experiences dealing with my © photos surfaced else where on the Internet without my permission. I feel that allowing others to openly use my original image size would be a disservice to photographers who are trying to make a living with their works.

[2] “What do you shoot with?”

I like to carry minimal amount of gears when I’m out shooting. These are the equipments that I always carry with me out in the fields:

  • DSLR body: Canon EOS 5D. (Sample photos )
  • Primary lenses:
    • Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM. (Sample photos )
    • Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM. (Sample photos )
    • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM. (Sample photos )
    • Canon EF 1.4X II Extender. (Sample photos )
  • Support system: Gitzo GT3530S 6x tripod; Really Right Stuff BH-55 LR ballhead + B2 AS II clamp + various plates.
  • Filters: Lee graduated neutral density (0.6 hard and soft edge; 0.9 hard-edge)

[3] “Do you use photoshop?”

I use Canon Digital Photo Professional to convert RAW files to 16 bits TIFF files, Adobe Photoshop CS3 to “develop” the uncompressed TIFF files, and Adobe Lightroom to manage my digital images. Although I do strive to keep my processed digital photos as realistic as my taste and preference dictate, this is the wrong place to look for “pure” images right out of my digital cameras. I typically adjust level, curve, shadow/highlight on most of my images. My photography aspiration is not to reproduce exact photocopies of what I saw.

[4] “HDR?”

Occasionally, I do blend multiple exposures to simulate graduated neutral density filters when such filters could not be used for a given scene. I am not a fan of excessive HDR (high dynamic range) usage. Personally, seeking to capture those elusive lights and colors in one frame is much more rewarding for me than to bracket half a dozen exposures and blend them later to simulate dynamic range outside of current digital camera sensors capabilities.

[5] “Will you release your WordPress template?”

Unfortunately, no. I have made many intrusive changes to the original template to streamline my site so it does not look like a typical blog. I have also incorporated other components that are not trivial to integrate with WordPress. Between my day time job, shooting and posting photos, and maintaining this site, I do not have the time and resources to release themes/plugins. My site is also my identity online, and I’d like to preserve the site’s look and feel to reflect my personality. Having stated that, site builders are welcome to “view source” to figure out what I’ve done.

[6] “Best way to contact?”

  • mle [at] photofool [dot] com
  • Flickr user? Flickr mail.
  • GooglePlus user? Send email to my G+ account.
  • Post comment here with your contact info (will not be published).